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Beijing Renguang Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as "Renguang Law Firm") was established in 2018 with the approval of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice. Renguang Law Firm is a comprehensive law firm, adhering to the tenet of "Renchang Yilong, fair and honest", to provide clients with criminal, civil and administrative litigation areas and other special and comprehensive non-litigation legal services, including:

In terms of legal advisory services, the Renguang team can provide daily legal consultations for the advisory unit, draft and review legal documents, conduct legal feasibility analysis for the advisory unit's production, operation and management decision-making matters, and analyze the advisory unit's intellectual property and business Provide legal advice on the protection of secrets and exclusive operating rights, provide legal training for the employees of the consulting unit, participate in the negotiation of major economic projects of the consulting unit, issue a lawyer's letter, and assist the company to safeguard its legal rights and interests in a non-litigation manner.

In terms of intellectual property legal services, the main business includes domestic and foreign trademark registration applications, copyright registrations, and patent applications. It can provide enterprises with a full range of intellectual property protection plans, establish intellectual property distribution plans for enterprises, early warning plans, operation plans, rights protection litigation, Intellectual property legal consultation and related intellectual property implementation plans.


In terms of corporate financing, Renguang's team recommends equity investment, fixed increase, bonds, convertible bonds, lending, financial leasing, commercial factoring, asset management plans, trusts, medium-term notes, short-term financing bonds, Open targeted bonds, non-public targeted bills, commercial papers, performance guarantees, letters of credit and other appropriate financing paths, and provide customers with high-quality overall financing solutions based on different financing paths, and provide a feasible way for companies to standardize finance and operations. Rectification suggestions to connect customers with high-quality funding sources.

In terms of special legal services, Renguang team can assist clients in tax planning, tax legal dispute resolution, corporate structure construction, equity transfer, capital increase and capital reduction, bidding, merger and division, liquidation and cancellation, domestic (foreign) mergers and acquisitions, asset reorganization, and restructuring Provide special legal services for listing, backdoor listing, private placement, bond issuance, listing on the "New Third Board", disposal of non-performing assets, SPAC, ODI, etc.

The professional, honest, diligent and responsible Renguang team can deeply understand the needs and requirements of customers, keep up with the trend of the times, and provide customers with professional and efficient legal services. In the process of practicing, the Renguang team advocates teamwork. It has both professional division of labor and team cooperation, and has effectively completed various tasks assigned by customers; it can meet the needs of different customers at home and abroad, and provide customers with multi-level, A full range of first-class legal services.

You are welcome to call the on-duty lawyer of Beijing Renguang Law Firm: 010-6828 7728, and our website is, and we will wholeheartedly provide you with quality legal services.

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