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Litigation and arbitration legal services

Litigation and arbitration legal services

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◆ Civil and commercial litigation and arbitration

▶ The business of the dispute resolution team covers almost all areas of civil and commercial litigation, and provides a full range of legal services for all types of parties, including but not limited to the following areas: personality rights disputes, marriage and family inheritance disputes, property rights disputes, contracts, Due to management, unjust enrichment disputes, labor disputes and personnel disputes, intellectual property and competition disputes, maritime and maritime disputes, civil disputes related to companies, securities, insurance, bills, etc., tort liability disputes, enforcement filing, enforcement objections and reconsiderations , Execution objections, etc.
▶ Status and strength in the field of arbitration. Our lawyers have provided high-quality legal services for domestic and overseas clients in multiple arbitration institutions. These institutions include: China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, China Maritime Arbitration Commission, Beijing Arbitration Commission, etc.

Administrative reconsideration and litigation

▶ He has accumulated rich experience in the field of administrative reconsideration and litigation, and can provide clients with professional, comprehensive and excellent legal services. Some of our lawyers have held leading positions in administrative agencies, and some lawyers have served as long-term members of the government's administrative review committee. Our lawyers are familiar with the thinking and operating modes of administrative agencies, as well as the logic and rules of administrative cases.
▶ The scope of business includes administrative reconsideration, administrative litigation and state compensation cases in the fields of corporate, intellectual property, real estate acquisition, real estate, construction projects, environmental resources, anti-monopoly, and taxation.

◆ Criminal defense and risk prevention

▶ I have extensive experience in criminal defense and prevention, mainly focusing on economic crimes and official crimes. Some lawyers have experience working in courts, procuratorates, and public security agencies. Our lawyers have provided criminal defenses for leaders of large state-owned enterprises, private entrepreneurs, and executives of multinational companies. Our firm has helped large state-owned enterprises, listed companies, multinational companies, etc. to build criminal crime prevention systems.

Criminal defense field and services
▶ In the crime of fraud, contract fraud, fundraising fraud, loan fraud, bribery, bribery, corruption, embezzlement, embezzlement of public funds, embezzlement of funds, illegal absorption of public deposits, illegal business, insider trading , Organizing and leading criminal defense services for clients in areas such as crimes of criminal syndicate nature.
▶ Provide legal assistance to the parties during the investigation stage, meet with criminal suspects, understand the suspected crime and the situation of the case, provide legal advice to the criminal suspect, apply for bail pending trial for the criminal suspect, and represent the complaint and accusation. Defend the criminal suspect during the review and prosecution stage, consult, extract, and copy the relevant litigation documents of the case, meet with the criminal suspect, investigate and collect relevant evidence materials, and submit opinions to the procuratorial organ. Defend the defendant at the trial stage, consult, extract, and copy relevant materials of the case; meet with the defendant, investigate and collect evidence, participate in court trials, and present the defendant’s innocence or minor guilt.

Criminal risk prevention
▶ Provide clients with legal services in criminal risk prevention and control, assist clients in establishing and improving internal compliance systems, conduct legal training, provide legal advice, respond to investigations conducted by relevant government departments or judicial agencies, formulate treatment plans, and assist in crisis management .
▶ Help clients file reports, accuses, and allegations of crimes in criminal private prosecutions and public prosecution cases; act as litigation agents for parties in incidental civil litigation; help clients reasonably use litigation rights to protect their legal rights in civil and criminal cases.

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