Bai Changfu

(Summary description)<span style="color: #999;font-size: 14px;">Partner of Beijing R&G Law Firm</span><br>

Bai Changfu

(Summary description)<span style="color: #999;font-size: 14px;">Partner of Beijing R&G Law Firm</span><br>



Bai Changfu

Chief counsel


Educational background:

Master of International Law, China University of Political Science and Law

Work Experience:

Mr Bai worked in Enterprise and Asset Management Department of National Information Center from July 2005-August 2009

Mr Bai Joined Beijing Chan An Law Firm in September 2009 and worked in Chang An Law Firm till July , 2018

Mr Bai established Beijing R&G Law Firm in 2018 and work in Beijing R&G Law Firm as Managing Partner

Areas of Practice:

Mr Bai has offered legal advice for the following companies:

Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Company

Mandarin Asset Management

Beijing-Tianjin Caohai Equity Investment Fund

National Federation of Real Estate Managers

Supreme People's Procuratorate Justice Network

Ruijin International Investment Group

Da Ang Group

Dingchang Investment

Benzheng Investment, etc.

Mr Bai’s representative cases including the followings :

Mr Bai has represented American Atoor Eliasnia & Surendra Gupta to establish Shandong Pomeranica, a wholly foreign-owned enterprise and the equity transfer of such company;

Mr Bai represented plaintiff in 2012 in the case of "First Jiangxi Bills Case";

Mr Bai has Served as the legal consultant for the listed financing projects of Biluota, Matchbox, Aozener, etc., which have been successfully listed through the National Equities Exchange and Quotations System (NEEQ).

Mr Bai has assisted or offered to initiate:

Tianxiang Xingpu New Third Board Equity Investment Fund

Beijing-Tianjin Caohai Equity Investment Fund

Caofeidian Industrial Cooperative Development Investment Fund

All Economic Union Equity Investment Fund

Zhongqin Private Equity Investment Fund

Mr Bai also served as the legal advisor and member of the investment decision-making committee of the above funds

Mr Bai has provided compliance review opinions for asset management products of securities companies

Mr Bai has acted as a special legal advisor for trust companies to issue trust products

Mr Bai has acted as the securities firm's legal counsel in the issuance of local urban investment bonds by the securities firm

Mr Bai has provided product design and legal services for many public and private equity funds

Mr Bai has provided special legal advisory services for the design of M&A and transaction plans for fund investment and M&A projects

The scale of the private equity funds, asset management plans, ABS, PPN and other products for which Mr Bai has offered advice has accumulated more than 200 billion yuan.

Qualification Certificate:

Mr Bai received the "CITF" certificate issued by the British Banking Association

Mr Bai possess a securities practice qualification issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission

Mr Bai possess a fund practice qualification issued by the National Fund Industry Association

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