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Legal business of real estate and construction engineering

Legal business of real estate and construction engineering

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The Legal Business Department of Real Estate and Construction Engineering is composed of a number of lawyers who are familiar with real estate development and construction projects, relevant laws, regulations and policies, and are proficient in all aspects of legal business, and can provide innovative and comprehensive legal services in a timely and accurate manner, providing clients with the following laws service:

▶ Assist real estate companies in setting up project companies

▶ Provide legal advice for the establishment and operation of various real estate enterprises

▶ Participate in the planning of legal programs in real estate development and other fields, business negotiation, drafting and review of legal documents, and provide real estate companies with risk assessment and demonstration of project legal policies. Full legal services for land transfer and construction project acquisition and transfer, real estate equity transfer, major contract negotiation, etc.

▶ Acting for real estate cooperative development and management, land use right bidding, auction, listing, bidding, project planning and design, house demolition and resettlement, project mortgage, loan, financing, land use right lease and mortgage and other legal affairs

▶ Representing various real estate project development, sales and construction engineering disputes;

▶ Representing various real estate transaction disputes

▶ Representing various property management disputes

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