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Taxation and securities financial legal business

Taxation and securities financial legal business

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◆ Tax legal services

▶ Provide legal services for corporate clients in taxation and assist companies to achieve a reasonable and effective control of operating costs including taxation, an important goal of corporate financial management
▶ Handle special tax-related affairs for a number of companies, including tax planning, tax disputes, etc.
▶ Non-performing assets handling legal services
▶ Provide clients with professional legal services on debt restructuring, asset sales, restructuring, asset replacement, bankruptcy settlement, legal recovery, etc.

◆ Corporate mergers and acquisitions, backdoor listing

▶ Provide legal services for companies in mergers and acquisitions, backdoor listings, help companies go out, and provide strong legal professional support for clients to welcome foreign partners

◆ Company listed companies, listing, refinancing (IPO, new third board and fourth board listing)

▶ Provide corresponding capital market legal services at each stage of the enterprise, including providing services in the entire capital market value chain of the company's IPO, new third board, fourth board listing and capital withdrawal
▶ Assist clients in domestic and overseas IPOs, corporate restructuring and restructuring, domestic and overseas mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, listed company refinancing, international board listings, new third board listings, etc. Our firm has been cooperating with China Securities Regulatory Commission, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and Hong Kong Securities Regulatory Commission. , Hong Kong Stock Exchange, US Securities Regulatory Commission, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Singapore Exchange and other institutions maintain extensive contacts

◆ Private fund legal affairs

▶ Provide legal services in all fund business processes of fund preparation, fundraising, investment, post-investment management, and project exit
▶ Provide customers with systematic legal services in domestic venture capital, investment models of PE institutions and project investment decisions; structure design for mergers and acquisitions and backdoors, and draft company equity incentive plans for customers; provide domestic financial license institutions, banks, trusts, and insurance Analysis of debt financing cost and transaction structure of asset management, public fund subsidiaries, securities firm asset management and other institutions
▶ Handle the post-investment risks of fund company projects and help fund company clients solve the redemption crisis

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