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Intellectual Property Legal Services

Intellectual Property Legal Services

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◆ Copyright legal affairs

▶ Provide clients with legal services for software copyright registration, textual copyright registration, fine art copyright registration, audio-visual works copyright registration, corporate copyright protection legal counsel, etc.
▶ Provide legal consultation and implementation plans related to copyright acquisition, protection, use, management and market operation for units and individuals in various copyright fields
▶ Comprehensive capabilities and rich practices have enabled us to handle complex company reorganizations, out-of-court reorganizations, covering animation, cultural creativity, publishing, media, film and television dramas, TV shows, stage plays, music, advertising, acting brokerage, performances and large-scale Cultural activities, information networks, software, new media, cultural derivatives, etc.

◆ Trademark legal affairs

▶ Regarding trademark registration applications, Madrid international trademark registration, domestic and foreign trademark opposition and defense, domestic and foreign trademark review and defense, international trademark registration, domestic and foreign trademark invalidation and defense, domestic and foreign trademark inquiries, corporate trademark protection legal counsel, trademark infringement litigation Provide legal services to clients
▶ Provide customers with domestic and foreign trademark registration application, change, assignment, opposition, review, cancellation, inquiry, license, renewal, trademark monitoring, trademark infringement litigation, corporate trademark special legal services

◆ Patent legal affairs

▶ Provide clients with legal services for patent applications, patent inquiries, patent early warning, patent status search and analysis, patent infringement investigation, evidence collection, litigation, corporate patent layout, patent special protection schemes, etc.
▶ Through an experienced professional team, we provide customers with professional guidance and assistance on the three patent types of invention, utility model and appearance design

◆ Trade secret protection

▶ Provide legal advice on business secret protection for enterprises
▶ Assisting companies to resolve trade secret disputes

◆ Corporate intellectual property legal counsel

▶ Provide enterprises with intellectual property strategic management advice and planning

◆ High-tech enterprise identification

▶ Advise companies on applying for high-tech enterprise certification
▶ Acting for enterprises to apply for high-tech enterprise certification

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