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International legal business

International legal business

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◆ Foreign Investment

▶ Foreign direct investment, including the establishment of foreign-invested enterprises through new establishments or mergers and acquisitions, the change of equity of foreign-invested enterprises, liquidation and cancellation, as well as foreign debts and foreign exchange control involved in the process of foreign direct investment

◆ Overseas Investment

▶ Setting up an overseas investment platform, obtaining approval or filing for overseas investment, acquiring or selling equity or assets of overseas companies, coordinating or managing overseas law firms to conduct due diligence, document drafting and negotiation, etc.

◆ Overseas M&A

▶ Provide legal services for mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations of overseas companies, including structure and process design for corporate restructuring and reorganization, due diligence, asset transfer, merger and division, dissolution and liquidation, etc.

◆ Overseas listing

▶ Assist companies to determine the issuance plan, determine the scope of due diligence under Chinese law according to the issuance plan, conduct due diligence on relevant domestic enterprises, and provide advice on the impact of due diligence on the project, etc.
▶ Assist in preparing internal review documents and government approval, registration, filing and other application documents (including but not limited to the National Development and Reform Commission, state-owned assets departments, foreign exchange regulatory authorities, and industry authorities)
▶ Issue a Chinese legal opinion
▶ Provide legal consultation or argumentation on Chinese legal issues involved in the project, and provide oral or written opinions

◆ Overseas immigration

▶ Assist clients in formulating immigration plans
▶ Assist clients in handling legal procedures required for overseas immigration, provide relevant legal advice, and draft legal documents

◆ International trade legal affairs

▶ Representing the company in responding to anti-dumping investigations and reviews
▶ Representing companies in filing anti-dumping complaints
▶ Representing the government and enterprises in responding to anti-subsidy investigations and reviews
▶ Representing governments and companies in responding to safeguard measures cases
▶ Drafting and review of international cargo sales contracts, maritime transportation and insurance consulting, etc.

◆ International engineering contracting and transfer

◆ International intellectual property legal affairs

▶ Acting for clients in civil infringement litigation and anti-unfair competition litigation involving foreign bids, copyright infringement, domain name registration and disputes, customs protection and other related types of intellectual property protection cases
▶ Intellectual property overseas confirmation and protection services

◆ Foreign litigation and arbitration

▶ International clients participate in arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution procedures in China
▶ Representing Chinese clients in arbitration, mediation and dispute resolution procedures at home and abroad
▶ Application, recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards at home and abroad

◆ Maritime case

▶ Acting for clients in the recognition and enforcement of foreign-related maritime arbitration awards, and maritime enforcement
▶ Drafting and review of documents related to maritime and maritime international trade
▶ Acting for clients in handling international trade settlement, letters of credit and other related issues

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