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Corporate legal business

Corporate legal business

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◆ The company's perennial and special legal counsel

Provide perennial legal consulting services for the daily operation and management of consulting units
1. Provide legal advice on legal issues related to the business of the consulting unit.
2. Drafting and revising economic contracts for consultants and providing reference opinions.
3. Draft and revise labor contracts for consultants, and help adjust labor relations.
4. Conduct legal feasibility analysis and provide feasibility report for the decision-making matters in the production, operation and management of the consulting unit.
5. Provide legal advice for the protection of trademark rights, patent rights, copyrights, trade secrets and exclusive operating rights of consulting units, and assist units in formulating confidentiality systems and confidentiality agreements.
6. According to the needs of the consulting unit, attend major meetings and provide legal advice on site.
7. Conduct legal training for employees according to the needs of the consulting unit.
8. According to the needs of the consulting unit, intervene in various investment activities of the enterprise in advance and provide related legal services.
9. According to the request and entrustment of the entrusting party, issue a letter of attorney when the company conducts debt collection and protects the rights of related infringements, and assists the company in safeguarding its legitimate rights and interests in a non-litigation manner.
10.Provide special legal services for consulting units' bidding, liquidation and cancellation, asset reorganization, restructuring and listing, private placement, bond issuance, etc.
11.According to the entrustment of the consulting unit, participate in litigation, arbitration, mediation and other matters (including civil, economic, administrative and other litigation, administrative reconsideration, arbitration, and other claims, debt collection, etc.).

◆ Corporate governance and legal risk prevention and control

Standardizing governance and preventing and controlling legal risks will help consolidate the stability of business operations, enhance the sense of security of business investors, and enhance the market value of enterprises. The Renguang Lawyers Group combines years of working experience in legal counsel for multinational companies, listed companies and large and medium-sized companies, adheres to the "nanny" service concept, starts from the source, reorganizes the company, designs the equity structure, protects shareholder rights, and equity incentive mechanisms Provide comprehensive consulting services including but not limited to law, finance, taxation, etc. on matters such as labor-management balance, and effectively respond to the call of the party and the state to help optimize the business environment.

◆ Tax planning legal services

Tax planning is an important means for enterprises to optimize financial management and control operating costs in a reasonable and effective manner. Renguang Lawyers not only have relevant research backgrounds, but also have in-depth cooperation with certified public accountants with rich tax planning practical experience to provide customers with professional and high-quality tax-related legal services.

◆ Bidding and auction

Participating in bidding and auction activities in accordance with the law will help accelerate the construction of an open, fair and just rule of law and a business environment. Renguang Lawyers Group continues to follow up on policy changes in related fields, and combines practical experience to provide clients with the latest and most effective bidding and auction legal countermeasures.

◆ Cultural and creative legal services

As a member of the Beijing Cultural Industry Investment and Financing Association and a member of the Cultural and Creative Legal Affairs Committee, Renguang Lawyers Group provides regular corporate legal services for cultural and creative enterprises and combines the characteristics of the cultural and creative industry to timely protect cultural creativity and actively contribute to Client units connect with high-quality cooperation resources and financing channels to escort the healthy development of the cultural and creative industry.

◆ Natural resources and minerals

As national strategic assets, natural resources and minerals have long been the focus of attention of all countries. Renguang Lawyers Group will provide clients with legal services such as legal risk assessment, due diligence, business model consultation, and similar corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions.

◆ Protection of the rights and interests of small and medium shareholders

The orderly development of the capital market has caused more and more small and medium investors to emerge. These investors, as small and medium shareholders of a company limited by shares, are becoming more and more important to the development of the company and the economy and society. Strengthening the protection of the rights and interests of small and medium shareholders will not only help resolve conflicts, but also help the company's long-term development and sustained social stability. Renguang Lawyers Group is deeply involved in company laws and regulations, providing clients with professional legal advice such as optimizing the corporate governance structure and balancing the distribution of rights and obligations of large and small shareholders.

◆ Company equity restructuring and corporate mergers and acquisitions

In the process of enterprise capital operation, investors in asset reorganization, based on the analysis of capital market conditions, use the form of assets such as physical assets, financial assets, and intangible assets to decide through the mutual transfer and replacement of shares, holdings, and equity The reorganization of enterprise assets between different enterprises, through this kind of equity reorganization with enterprise property rights as the core, in order to achieve the goal of maximizing capital gains. Based on this characteristic presented in the development of the company, Renguang Lawyers Group has further upgraded and improved professional legal services, and achieved outstanding results in the company's equity restructuring business.

◆ Bankruptcy, reorganization and liquidation

Renguang Lawyer Group has rich practical experience in bankruptcy reorganization, reorganization and liquidation, and can provide clients with comprehensive business proposals, financial proposals and crisis management skills for corporate bankruptcy restructuring and bankruptcy liquidation, company compulsory liquidation and self-liquidation businesses , So as to help us to skillfully and diligently represent debtors, financial institutions, secured or unsecured creditors, insurance companies, bond holders, lessors, investors in property planning, negotiation, settlement, bankruptcy liquidation and litigation procedures Provide a wide range of services to domestic and foreign clients such as directors, creditors or shareholder committees, and can provide a wide range of services in accounting, securities, taxation, labor services, foreign investment, financing, real estate, antitrust, and antitrust through our internal teamwork and cooperation with strategic partners. Provide comprehensive services in litigation, trade, intellectual property, asset transfer and dispute resolution.

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